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Let's move from existing to living!

Do you struggle to find the passion and joy in your life?

Is anxiety or depression holding you back from satisfaction and fulfillment?

Has infidelity/betrayal trauma left you feeling alone? 

Is trauma keeping you "stuck"?

All too often, people are reluctant to seek out counseling services for reasons such as:

     - My situation is not that bad

     - I can fix this on my own

     - Things will resolve with time

As a therapist, my response to that is: you might be right, but why struggle alone?  Let's see if we can make a shift towards healing, hope and wellness. 

My goal is to support you in your emotional growth and mental wellness.  Not only do I value each person's unique history, I value each person's unique future.  I want to know what past experiences or trauma's may be impacting your life today, but I also want to know where you're going!  As a therapist I am here to support, encourage and witness your journey of understanding, growth, and fulfillment. I am honored and humbled to be able to bear witness to my client's increased energy and enthusiasm for life.

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