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Divorce is hard.  Mediation doesn't have to be.

Divorce can be a traumatic and highly emotional time for couples.  Many couples find themselves seeking out additional support to facilitate a discussion in order to make agreements, which is where I come in.  As a therapist, it is my goal to help couples reach their goals of deeper connections, better communication and increased satisfaction in the relationship.  As a divorce mediator, it is also my goal to meet each couple where they are at and help couples meet their goals of a respectful, efficient, and thoughtful dissolution of marriage.


Divorce mediation is different for every couple, however, most couples will meet with me for 3-5 60-minute sessions.  After we have completed enough sessions for everyone to feel confident with the decisions made, I will create a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that can be submitted to court.  All parties will review and agree with this document at our last session and will be provided with a copy. 

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